Spread Wing-T Passing- Jared Van Acker- Head Football Coach- Battlefield H.S- Haymarket, VA

In an age where spread offenses run rampant in all levels of football, one “old-school” offense has reigned true to its blue-collar beginnings and dominance across high school football: the Wing-T.  The Wing-T offense born from the likes of Tubby Raymond at Delaware, and ,my personal coaching idol, Bob Reade at Augustana College, continues to make its case as one of the best offenses in high school football.  The Wing-T has been a powerhouse offense run by many football programs across America.  A smash mouth offense predicated through its base plays of trap, power, belly, buck sweep, bootlegs, and waggles is an innovative scheme.  With dazzling misdirection and play action passing off of its “three yards and a cloud of dust” running game allows teams that don’t possess the 6’6 ,300 pound offensive linemen can use angles and quickness to block at the point of attack.  However, as a young innovative coach born and bred into the philosophy of the Wing-T, the thrill and pizzazz of the spread offense has intrigued me throughout my young coaching career.  The thought of spreading out defenses and getting the ball into your playmaker’s hands quickly has been very enticing.  In some circles of Wing-T coaching, I would be considered a traitor to the scheme that we all love.  Some coaches say that you cannot do both, that you simply cannot run spread and wing-t at the same time.  When I became a head football coach four years ago, I wanted our offense to do just that and mimic the two offenses that I know and love: the Spread Offense and the Wing-T.  

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