Loco Punt Formation- Jared Van Acker- Head Football Coach- Battlefield H.S-Haymaket, VA

I have been the Head Football coach at Galax High School for the last two years and like all coaches I stress the importance of all three phases of the game of football: offense, defense, and special teams.  I believe that one of the most important  phases is special teams and unfortunately many coaches don’t emphasize its importance until it bites them in the backside.  A couple of years ago while I was a young assistant coach, I put some of my own thoughts into a punt scheme that I used while I played at Quincy University, now an NAIA school in Quincy, IL.  Like all coaches across America we are “thieves” when it comes to our ideas and schemes and I devised a fun and effective punt formation that I call the “Loco Punt”.  This punt formation has been a very effective tool in the punt game for our football team and blends a solid spread punt scheme with an arsenal of fakes to keep the pressure off the punter and to allow for a successful punt and coverage.  With this scheme we have been able to change the landscape of many football games!  In the two years that we have used the “Loco Punt” we have had only one punt blocked and numerous first-down conversions from the array of fakes that we use.  Some teams have quit rushing the punt and some teams have even quit putting a returner back in fear of our fakes!

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MUDDLE HD- Jared Van Acker- Head Football Coach- Battlefield H.S-Haymarket, VA

I have always been intrigued by the Muddle Huddle/PAT formation also known as the “Ole Swinging Gate” and its ability to gain two-point conversions.  I have encountered many teams in my short coaching career who have incorporated it into their special team’s scheme and have seen multiple versions developed.  Afterwards, my own creative juices began to flow and I determined that I was going to incorporate my own style of the Muddle Huddle which I have dubbed the “Muddle HD”.  This new and innovative attack has worked wonders for our football team and has given our special teams unit another weapon.

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